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  • To create a 64-bit application
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The recent computers (servers and desktop computers) are now equipped with "64-bit" operating systems.
The main difference between a "32-bit" system and a "64-bit" system is as follows: in "64 bits", the applications and the system are no longer limited regarding the memory allocation.
Indeed, in "32 bits", the operating system is limited to 4 GB while in "64 bits", there is nearly no limit (the limit is set to 18 billions GB).
To help you develop 64-bit sites and applications, WINDEV and WEBDEV propose:
  • A framework available in 32 bits and in 64 bits
  • The WEBDEV application server available in 32 bits and in 64 bits
  • The HFSQL Client/Server server available in 32 bits and in 64 bits. See HFSQL Client/Server for more details.
Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
How to proceed?

To create a 64-bit application

  1. Develop your 64-bit application. A 32-bit application can be changed into a 64-bit application.
  2. Deploy your application.
WEBDEV - Server code

To install a WEBDEV site on a 64-bit server

  1. Install a 64-bit WEBDEV application server on a 64-bit Web server.
  2. Develop and deploy your WEBDEV site on the Web server.
Remark: A site compiled in 64 bits can be used with a 32-bit server or with a 64-bit server. A 64-bit server can only display 64-bit sites. If the site was not compiled with the "64 bits" option, an error will occur when the site is started.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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