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Stored procedures
From version 24, it is possible to update a Session or AWP site without disconnecting users who are connected to the site!
The update of a WEBDEV Session or AWP site is seamless for connected Web users. Connected Web users stay on the old version. They will only have access to the new version of the site next time they log in.
This deployment mode allows session sites to be deployed with zero-downtime.
CAUTION: this mode is not recommended for:
  • sites with: Active WEBDEV Pages without context.
  • sites with static pages.
  • PHP sites.
Indeed, by using this deployment mode, the URLs change each time a new update is deployed, which affects the SEO of these pages and prevents Web users from remembering them.
Remark: This feature is only available for sites deployed with WEBDEV version 24 and later.
How to?


To avoid disconnecting users, the server maintains several versions of the site.
By default, 4 previous versions are kept on the server.

How to?

To install a site without disconnecting Web users during the update:
  1. Case of a first site deployment:
    • Deploy your site for the first time.
      In the plan for the zero-downtime update, select the option "Deploy without disconnecting users".
      Remark: The setup is similar to the classic mode (as the site has never been deployed, there cannot be a connected user!).
    • In future updates, the site will automatically install itself without having to worry about whether or not users are connected.
  2. Case of a site already deployed: If the site was already installed with the "classic" method:
    • During the first setup using the option "Deploy without disconnecting users", ALL users will be disconnected.
    • During the following installations/deployments, users will not be disconnected.
    This new mode applies from the second setup.

Important: Management of directories and data files

If you use a setup without disconnecting Web users during the update:
  • use fDataDirUser to handle or access data files of the site. When writing, do not use fWebDir or fExeDir because the data will not be synchronized between the different site updates. Only fDataDirUser guarantees the use of a single directory shared between the different versions of the site.
  • to handle the directory <Project Name>_WEB, use fWebDir and/or FolderWeb. Do not use the directory name directly (<Project Name>_WEB should not appear in your code).


Caution: It is not possible to redo a "classic" setup after a "zero-downtime" setup. If you want to reinstall your site using the "classic" method, you must:
  1. Uninstall the site.
  2. Delete from the web server (IIS or Apache) the virtual directories that have been created for this site.
  3. Reinstall the site in classic mode.
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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