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  • Overview
  • Framework of the installer
  • Configure the FTP server ('Download the WINDEV framework from an FTP server' mode)
  • Customizing the installer program
  • Managing the UAC for the installer
  • Plug-in to use
  • Fonts to install
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Stored procedures
The setup wizard allows you to specify advanced options for the installer. These advanced options are used to:
Remark: These advanced options are available at the end of the setup wizard ("Advanced options of the installer" button in the "Setup media" step).
Framework of the installer
The "WINDEV framework" tab is used to specify the mode for managing the installer framework.
You can specify the framework setup options:
  • Copy the WINDEV framework with the setup. In this case, the size of the setup program can be quite important.
    If this option is selected:
    • the "Customize the installer program" tab allows you to choose (if necessary) the installer that will be used (see Customizing the installer program).
    • the "Installer DLL" tab is used to see the DLLs taken into account and to add or delete some if necessary. This option may be required when using a custom installer.
  • Download the WINDEV framework from an FTP server. In this case, the user must have an access to Internet.
    If this option is selected, the "FTP parameters" tab allows you to define the options of the FTP server used (see Configuring the FTP server).
  • Use the WINDEV framework found on the user computer. In this case, the framework will be downloaded only if the WINDEV framework is not found on the setup computer.
This tab can also be used to clean the former frameworks. The option "Delete the former frameworks found in the destination directory" is used to delete all the earlier versions of the WINDEV framework found in the setup directories.

Configure the FTP server ('Download the WINDEV framework from an FTP server' mode)

The "FTP parameters" tab is used to:
  • Configure the FTP server used to download the framework
  • Translate the messages of the download tool.
FTP server:
By default, the FTP server of PC SOFT is used to download the WINDEV framework.
If a private FTP is used, you have the ability to configure:
  • the address of the FTP server,
  • connection port,
  • the connection mode: passive connection, anonymous connection, ...
The "Translate" button is used to translate or modify the messages displayed by the tool for downloading DLLs.
Customizing the installer program
The "Customizing the installer" tab allows you to select the installer that will be used.
For a stand-alone setup, the installer used by the end user can be customized.
Customize the installer (individual setup)
For a setup with update in network, you have the ability to customize:
  • the installer used during the client setup.
  • the installer used when deploying the reference version.
In any case, you can:
  • Use the standard installer (default choice).
    The standard installer is the installer provided with WINDEV in order to install the WINDEV applications.
  • Use a custom installer.
    The standard setup program (called "WDSetup") is supplied with the WINDEV examples. To customize the setup program, all you have to do is modify the "WDSetup" project.
    Then, all you have to do is specify is the directory of the installer to use.
Remark: To customize the setup program (in WINDEV):
  1. Open the "WDSetup" project.
    By default, this project is located in the "Examples" subdirectory of the WINDEV installation directory.
    Remark: This example is also available in the "Full examples" displayed in the home page.
  2. Customize this project (modify the layout of windows, manage additional languages, ...).
  3. Create a new executable: click in the quick access buttons.
Remark: The name of this executable does not matter.
Managing the UAC for the installer
By default, installing a WINDEV application triggers the UAC.
The "UAC" tab is used to modify this operating mode:
Advanced options for the UAC
  • for the individual setups: the UAC is disabled for the setup on the end-user computer.
  • for the network setups with automatic update. In this case, the UAC can be disabled:
    • for the installer of the end user,
    • for the installer of the reference version,
    • for both.
Caution: The option "The installer DOES NOT require the administrator rights" has some restrictions: no files can be installed in the system directories (Program Files, Windows...), no system files and parameters can be modified (win.ini, path, etc.).
The setup will fail if the rights are not sufficient. Whenever possible, the setup wizard will guide the user in his choices so that he can install the application.
Remark: The implementation of the UAC for the installer can also be configured in the "Installation directory" step of the wizard for setup creation.
Plug-in to use
In a setup program, you may want to customize some actions, add steps to the wizard, add new processes, etc.
You have the ability to create a plug-in in order to modify the standard setup program. This plug-in is created form the "WD WDSETUP Plugin" example provided with WINDEV. For more details, see Customizing the setup program (Plug-in).
The "Plug-in" tab is used to specify the path of the plug-in that will be included in the standard setup program.
Definition of plug-in
Fonts to install
In a setup program, you may have to install some character fonts used by the application. To do so, add the TTF or OTF files corresponding to the fonts to install.
Remark: Don't forget to check whether you have the rights to distribute these fonts.
Adding fonts
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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