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Stored procedures
Deploying in the cloud for PC SOFT applications
PC SOFT allows you to host your sites in the CLOUD for PC SOFT applications. The setup is easily performed, directly from the environment.
Once your site is developed, you have the ability to install it directly on your platform found in the CLOUD.
For more details, see
Steps to follow
The steps for installing a WEBDEV site on a PC SOFT CLOUD platform are as follows:
  1. Creating a CLOUD account if necessary.
  2. Entering the account parameters.
  3. Selecting the files to install.
  4. Automatic modification.
  5. Parameters of the site.
  6. File transfer and setup.
    Error messages can be displayed at different steps of remote setup. For more details, see Errors during a setup by FTP.
  7. When the setup is completed, the wizard provides the command line used to start the site. This line can be copied (if necessary) into the clipboard via the popup menu.
Remark: The deployment parameters specified in the wizard are stored and proposed again during the next deployment.
Creating a CLOUD account
A CLOUD account can be directly created on the CLOUD site (
Caution: The use of the CLOUD is subject to a special contract and pricing.
Account parameters
Once the CLOUD account is created:
  1. You must specify the parameters of your PC SOFT CLOUD account:
    • the user
    • the password
  2. Validate to start installing the site.
The "Advanced parameters" button is used to define the deployment parameters:
  • FTP parameters.
  • HTTP/HTTPS parameters.
  • HTTP/HTTPS proxy parameters.
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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