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Stored procedures
The setup wizard allows you to configure the history of versions during a network setup.
Configuring the history of setup versions is used to make several versions of the same application available to the end users.
The history of setups can be configured:
  • when creating the setup,
  • when implementing the reference setup ("These parameters can be modified during the deployment on the server").
Keeping a history of the versions installed
If "Keep a history of the versions installed" is selected, you have the ability to define:
  • the maximum number of stored versions. These versions will be stored on the reference server. The obsolete versions will be deleted whenever a new version is stored.
  • the maximum size of the history (to avoid saturating the disk of the reference server).
  • the immediate activation of the version installed on the server. In this case, according to the specified check parameters, the application will propose an update. If this option is not selected, the version can be enabled via the Control Center of applications.
Remark: To force the modification of the parameters entered during a previous deployment, select "These parameters will replace the eventual parameters previously entered in deployment".
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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Last update: 10/02/2023

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