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Stored procedures
The "Versions" tab of WDADMINEXE is used to manage from the server the versions installed on the client computers.
Managing versions
The "Versions" tab is used to:
  • Find out the current version. This version is used by the client computers that are updated.
  • See the available versions: These versions are installed on the server. To choose the type of version to display, click the "Display" button:
    • active version: version currently used.
    • available version: version available on the server.
    • forbidden version: version available on the server but whose use is not allowed.
For each selected version, you have the ability to:
  • See the help about the new features.
  • Forbid the version: The selected version cannot be installed on the client computers.
  • Allow the version: Used to allow a version that was forbidden.
  • Force the version: Allows you to force the use of the selected version. Only an activated version can be forced. If the version is forced, the client computer cannot refuse the update during the next check.
  • Free the version: Used to free a version that was forced.
  • Enable the version: Enables the selected version. A version installed is automatically enabled by default. However, it can be installed without being enabled and it can be enabled later via WDADMINEXE.
Remark: The information available in this tab is displayed only if the history of versions was enabled when creating the setup program:
  • In the wizard for setup creation, this activation is performed in the "Reference setup - History of versions" tab.
    Version history
  • In WDInst, this activation is performed via "Setup settings .. Wizard", "Network setup with automatic update" option, "Advanced options" button, "Automatic update" tab, "Parameters of history of versions" button.
    History of versions
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
It's deployed with a server install.
When doing the installer in type Server Install it is created this exe

Ele é implantado com uma instalação do servidor.
Ao fazer o instalador no tipo Server Install ele é criado esse exe
27 May 2019

Last update: 06/12/2023

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