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Configuring Reports & Queries
Reports & Queries is used to:
  • create, handle and/or run reports.
  • create, handle and/or run queries.
Reports & Queries is a module independent of WINDEV. This module is intended for the users of the WINDEV applications. With this module, the users have the ability to create their own reports and queries:
  • from an existing WINDEV application.
  • independently of any WINDEV application.
When installing a WINDEV application, "Reports & Queries" can be included in the setup.
Configuring Reports & Queries
The setup of Reports & Queries is configured in WDInst. To start the setup editor, go to the "Tools" tab, "Utilities" group and click "WDInst".
To install Reports & Queries:
  1. Select "Setup parameters .. Reports & Queries".
  2. Check "Include "Reports Queries" in the setup program". The setup package of Reports & Queries is automatically searched. This setup package is located in the "Install\Reports and Queries" subdirectory of the WINDEV setup directory.
    Caution: Including Reports & Queries substantially increases the size of your setup (about 165 MB).
    The setup package of Reports & Queries can also be distributed separately. If Reports & Queries is not included in the setup, it can be downloaded from the application (via the automatic menu, from the report viewer or with RunReportsAndQueries). By default, the software is downloaded on an FTP site of PC SOFT. You have the ability to customize the download address of software (site of a company for example). For more details, see "Customizing the download address".
  3. Specify (if necessary) the directories corresponding to the reports and queries modified or created by the end user:
    • the directory of custom reports and queries corresponds to the directory of the reports and queries visible by the user who created them.
    • the directory of shared reports and queries corresponds to the directory of the reports and queries visible by all application users.
  4. Allow (or not) these directories to be modified when installing the application.
  5. Validate.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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