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Stored procedures
Generation directory of setup
The generation directory of the setup is the directory where the setup program of the Windows Mobile application will be generated on the development computer. By default, this directory corresponds to the INSTALL subdirectory of the current project.
The setup program corresponds to a MSI file or to a CAB file. Then this file can be copied onto any media (diskette, CD, ...).

Setup in MSI format

To install the program on a Pocket PC, you must:
  1. Copy the MSI file onto a PC.
  2. Run the MSI file on the PC. The application is installed on the Pocket PC currently connected to the current computer, via ActiveSync.
Remark: If the Pocket PC is not connected to the PC when running the setup, the application will be installed when the next synchronization is performed between the PC and the Pocket PC.

Setup in CAB format

To install the program on a Pocket PC, you must:
  1. Copy the CAB file onto a Pocket PC (via a memory card, by GPRS from an Internet site or via the file explorer).
  2. Run the CAB file on the Pocket PC. The application setup starts. At the end of setup, the ".CAB" file is automatically deleted from the Pocket PC.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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