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The "Code hashtags" pane
The "Code hashtags" pane shows the list of hashtags present in the WLanguage code.
For example, hashtags allows you to identify a line of code to indicate:
  • a pending action,
  • details on the purpose of the code,
  • a bug fix,
  • etc.
Examples: Examples of hashtags that can be found in the code:
// #Example Hashtag example
// #TODO Finish testing the code
Code hashtags must follow these rules:
  • Hashtags must be used in comments. For example:
    // #MyTag
    /* #MyTag
  • Hashtags must not be preceded by any character (except the comment mark, a space or a tab).
  • Hashtags must start with a letter and can only contain alphanumeric characters or the '_' character. Spaces cannot not be used in the name of the hashtag.
  • Hashtags are not case-sensitive.
  • You can create code hashtags in internal windows, internal pages, control templates, page or window templates, internal components, etc.
  • You can create hashtags in WLanguage browser code.

Content of the "Code hashtags" pane

The "Code hashtags" pane lists all the hashtags present in the WLanguage events of the project. By default, the name of the hashtag is displayed followed by the name of the element that contains the hashtag.
Double-clicking a hashtag takes you to the WLanguage code associated with it.
The different buttons in the "Code hashtags" pane allow you to:
  • navigate between hashtags (next, previous)
  • navigate between elements of a group (when multiple hashtags are associated with the same element).
  • change the display mode: you can choose one of these display modes:
    • Hashtags grouped by name (e.g., all "#todo" hashtags in all the elements of the project).
    • Hashtags grouped by element (e.g., all hashtags in the WIN_Menu window).
  • search the different hashtags.
Opening the "Code hashtags" pane
To open the "Code hashtags" pane, go to the "Home" tab, "Environment" group, expand "Panes", select "Panes", and then select "Code hashtags".
For more details on how to manage panes, see Handling dockable panes.
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  • Version 28
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Last update: 07/20/2022

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