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Stored procedures
The "Debugger trace" shows the messages displayed in the trace window during the last application test.
These messages can correspond to:
  • the calls to Trace.
  • the errors that occurred during the test. The full error text is displayed in the trace window.
  • the messages associated with the breakpoints. For more details, see Managing breakpoints.
The context menu of this pane allows you to:
  • Clear the trace.
  • See the code associated with the current line (you also have the ability to double-click the line in the trace to see the associated code).
  • Configure the information listed in the debugger trace:
    • calls to the Trace function,
    • exceptions,
    • non-fatal errors,
    • assertions,
    • control characters in character format (<\r><\n>) or convert them into their value.
  • Retrieving the content of a line, exporting the trace content.
  • The "Debugger trace" pane shows only the last 1000 elements (1 element corresponds to a call to Trace or to an error).
  • WEBDEV - Server code Only the information displayed in the server trace window is included in the "Debugger trace" pane. The information displayed in the browser trace window will not be displayed.
Display the "Debugger trace" pane
To display the "Debugger trace" pane, go to the "Home" tab, "Environment" group, expand "Panes", select "Panes", and then select "Debugger trace".
For more details on how to manage panes, see Handling dockable panes.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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