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  • Overview
  • Displaying the "Image catalog" pane
  • Using the "Image catalog" pane
  • Searching for images
  • Assigning an image to a control
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Stored procedures
The "Image catalog" pane
The "Image catalog" pane is a context-sensitive image catalog. This pane allows you to access images more quickly to associate them with the controls of your interfaces (UI).
When editing a control that requires an image (Image control, Button control, ...), the context-sensitive image catalog automatically finds the images that can be used (based on the control caption, for example).
Displaying the "Image catalog" pane
To display the "Image catalog" pane:
  1. Select "Tools .. Options .. Options of the environment".
  2. In the "Panes" tab, check "Image catalog".
  3. Validate.
To display the "Image catalog" pane, on the "Home" pane, in the "Environment" group, expand "Panes" and select "Image catalog".
See Handling the dockable panes for more details.
Using the "Image catalog" pane

Searching for images

The search for images can be performed according to several methods:
  • In the pane directly by typing a keyword and a theme if necessary. The search is automatically performed when pressing the Enter key.
  • When a control is selected, the search keyword corresponds to the control caption.

Assigning an image to a control

Several methods can be used to assign an image found in the image catalog to a control:
  • When performing a Drag and Drop of the image from the catalog to the window, page or report: a new Image control is automatically created with the selected image.
  • When performing a Drag and Drop of the image from the catalog to control found in the window or in the page: the characteristics of the control are automatically modified.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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