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Stored procedures
Creating an executable: General options
The main executable options are as follows:
  • the executable name (".EXE" file). The "<ProjectName>.EXE" name is proposed by default.
  • the icon of executable program (".ICO" file). This icon can be chosen in the icon catalog of WINDEV ("Catalog"' button).
  • the splash screen of executable program. This image will be displayed at runtime when initializing the application and when loading the different WINDEV/WINDEV Mobile libraries.
These general options are defined in the executable creation wizard.
Icon of executable program
To associate an icon with the executable program, you can:
  • use an icon found in the icon catalog of WINDEV.
  • choose an icon file (.ICO) on your computer.
This choice is performed via the drop-down button of "Icon name" control:
Icon selection
When choosing an icon file (.ICO) on your computer, make sure that:
  • the icon file is a file in 16-color ICO format (Windows 3.x format). These icons have no specific characteristics.
  • the icon file is a file in 256 ICO format (Win32 format, used in Windows 98, Me and 2000). These icons have no specific characteristics.
  • the icon file is a file that uses a group of icons of different sizes and different color resolutions. The groups of icons (also called icons in Windows XP format) must comply with the following standard:
    • the icons must have been created by a tool that organizes the icons by increasing size and by increasing color resolution.
      Example in Windows XP:
    • the icons must necessarily be classified in the following order:
      1. 16x16 pixels in 16 colors
      2. 16x16 pixels in 256 colors
      3. 16x16 pixels in 32-bit colors
      4. 32x32 pixels in 16 colors
      5. 32x32 pixels in 256 colors
      6. 32x32 pixels in 32-bit colors
      7. 48x48 pixels in 16 colors
      8. 48x48 pixels in 256 colors
      9. 48x48 pixels in 32-bit colors
Windows Mobile The icons must at least contain the 16x16 format and the 32x32 format. Otherwise, the missing formats will not be displayed in the Pocket PC explorer.
Splash screen of executable
Windows Mobile

Splash Screen of an application for Windows Mobile

To modify the image of a mobile application:
  1. Generate the executable at least once. A file in <XXX>_SP_Defaut.gif format is created in the directory of the project.
  2. Create an image with the same name. This image must be copied into the "Program\Data\Models\RAD\WP" directory of the setup directory of WINDEV Mobile.
  3. In the editor, open the description window of the current configuration ("Windows CE application"): on the "Project" pane, in the "Project configuration" group, click "Current configuration".
  4. In the "Options" tab, uncheck "Don't include a splash screen in the executable".
  5. Validate the project description window.
Your image will be used during the next creation of the executable.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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