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Modern UIs generally use larger windows and larger fonts in the different controls.
Starting with version 28, the font size of all the controls in a selection, window or project can be automatically increased. This avoids having to change the skin template and resize controls one by one.
When the font is resized, all the controls are automatically enlarged and moved to preserve the current layout. The window is also enlarged, if necessary.
How to?
To enlarge a window:
  1. Open the desired window in the editor.
  2. On the "Alignment" tab, in the "Other alignments" group, expand "Enlarge Space out" and select "Enlarge".
  3. In the window that appears, specify the enlargement options:
    You can:
    • specify a scaling factor.
    • specify whether the font and styles should be enlarged. In this case, you can:
      • Create style overrides: the original style will be overridden to apply the changes.
      • Create / use an enlarged skin template: in this case, a new skin template based on the current skin template is generated. For example, if the window uses the "Phoenix" skin template, with a scaling factor of 25%, a "Phoenix (x1.25)" skin template will be created.
    The option allows you to see changes in real time in the window.
  4. Validate. The chosen options are applied.
  • You can apply size changes to the current selection or window, or to the entire project.
  • If you choose to create an "enlarged" skin template, you will be able to apply it to other elements in the project.
  • If the original skin template is updated, the "enlarged" skin template will automatically be updated.
  • If the window contains a window template, you will need to enlarge the window template as well. You can also enlarge elements in the entire the project (the template will be automatically enlarged with the other elements in the project).
  • Control templates are not enlarged.
  • Initial window:
  • Enlarged window:
Minimum version required
  • Version 28
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Last update: 04/03/2023

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