• Overview
  • The image catalog
  • Image catalog display mode
  • How to use the images found in the image catalog
  • Performing a search in the image catalog
  • Associating an image found in the catalog with the current element
  • Displaying custom images
  • Images found in the catalog
  • Format of images
  • The graphic buttons
  • The bullets
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Stored procedures
As soon as an image can be used (in a control, window, report, ...), the description window of element proposes the Drop-down menu button to select the image. This button displays different options.
Image selection options
The "Catalog" option allows you to select one image from the numerous images provided in the "Product" image catalog of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile.
This image catalog is used to group:
  • Clipart: images with 1 or more states that can be used for images, buttons, ...
  • Splash Screen, advanced Splash Screen,
  • Shapes,
  • GIF animations,
  • Banner, Backgrounds of windows,
  • Powered by,
  • Border,
  • Bullets, Graphic buttons,
  • Custom images,
  • Images used to customize the style of the different controls (tabs, table columns, ...)
Remark: You also have the ability to access the image catalog directly:
  • from the code editor. Indeed, when typing functions that handle images, the "<Image catalog>" option is automatically proposed by the assisted input.
  • via the "Image catalog" pane.
The image catalog

Image catalog display mode

The image catalog can be displayed in 2 ways:
  • Simplified mode: this mode is automatically selected when the catalog is displayed from the "Image catalog" option of an Image control. This simplified mode displays only the search control and the corresponding images.
    Simplified image catalog
  • Full mode: this mode is automatically selected when the catalog is displayed from the "Image catalog" option of a specific control: icon, borders of a button, ... This mode allows selecting a theme and the category of the desired image, ...
    Full image catalog
Use the handle (Mode switch handle) to switch between simplified and full mode..
Remark: to create applications with the Windows 11 design language, use the "Windows 11" theme in the image catalog.
How to use the images found in the image catalog

Performing a search in the image catalog

Several search modes are available depending on the display mode.
In simplified mode, simply enter the search keyword the launch the search using the magnifier. For example:
Search in simplified mode
To search in full mode:
  1. Specify the search parameters:
    • keyword: The keyword is used to perform a search among the cliparts. The keyword is searched among the keywords associated with the cliparts. The name of sought file can also be typed directly.
    • theme: The choice of a theme allows you to view all the graphic elements that use the same graphic style. Several themes are available.
    • image type: Clipart, Splash screen, ...
  2. If you have entered a keyword, start the search using the Search icon button. The images corresponding to the selected criteria are displayed.

Associating an image found in the catalog with the current element

To associate an image found in the catalog with the current element:
  1. In the description window of current element, click the Drop-down button button and select "Catalog". Remark: The images proposed by the image catalog are adapted to the current control. For example, if the image catalog is displayed from the description of a button border, only the images of button borders will be proposed by default.
  2. Search for the requested image if necessary.
  3. Select the image.
  4. Double-click this image.
  5. The window for configuring the image is displayed:
    Window for configuring the image
  6. Specify:
    • The name of image to generate
    • The format to generate: bmp, gif, jpg, png, svg, ico, ...
      The svg format is now available for most of the cliparts.
    • The number of image states (for the cliparts).
    • The characteristics of generated image:
      • colors: You can:
        • use the default colors available in the image catalog.
        • use HSL colors. In this case, you can change the Hue, Saturation and Lightness of the image.
        • colorize the image (especially for monochrome images). A color picker allows you to define the color and threshold used (saturation).
      • rotation,
      • symmetry,
      • background color and transparency level of background color,
      • image opacity: the pixels with a value less than the defined level will be completely transparent.
    • The image size.
    • Whether you want to generate an animation (only if the current element corresponds to the background image of a button).
    • Whether you want to store the parameters for the next image selected from the catalog.
  7. Validate. The image is automatically copied into the project directory and associated with the current element.

Displaying custom images

To display custom images:
  1. Open the image catalog in full mode if necessary.
  2. Click "Custom images".
  3. To add an image, click "Add".
  4. In the "Image" tab, select the requested image file. Specify the name of the image and its description.
  5. In the "Keywords" tab, specify the keywords linked to the image. These keywords can be chosen among the existing keywords or they can be created.
  6. Validate. Your image is automatically added to the custom images. It will be taken into account by the next searches.
  • It is also possible to modify the characteristics of a custom image or to delete a custom image.
  • The custom images are referenced in the Control Center database. These images will be kept when changing computer or when changing the version of WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile. For more details, see Database of Control Centers.
Images found in the catalog

Format of images

The images found in the catalog are available in different formats: GIF, BMP, PNG, SVG, etc.

The graphic buttons

By selecting the graphic buttons, the image catalog presents all the available graphic buttons. These buttons are classified by color. Several shapes are proposed for each color.

The bullets

By selecting the bullets, the image catalog presents a range of bullets that can be used in your applications.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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