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Stored procedures
From version 17, the management of access rights on the files shared by the developer groupware is not available anymore.
When creating an element in a project, this element is accessible in read/write for all the users that have access to the file.
By default, only the supervisor and the creator of the object can modify the rights granted to the other users on an object.
The access rights can be managed on the following elements: the project, the analysis and its files, the queries, the windows, the pages, the reports, the classes, the sets of procedures, the UML diagram, the dictionary and the dictionary objects.
Caution: The developer groupware is kept for backward compatibility. We recommend that you use the SCM (Source Code Manager) for teamwork.
How to proceed?

To protect the access to a project element:

  1. Select the element.
  2. Select "Groupware rights" from the popup menu.
  3. In the window for viewing rights, you can:
    • See and/or modify the rights granted to a user.
    • Take the new users into account.
    The available rights are as follows:
    • Read-only rights: the user will see the element but he cannot modify it.
    • Read/Write rights: the user will see the element and he can modify it.
    • Authorization to modify the rights: the user will be allowed to modify the rights for this element.
    • Hidden: the user will not be able to access the element.
    • No rights: the user will see the element but he cannot edit it or modify it.
When developing a project that is using the developer groupware, different messages will inform the users of the operations that can be performed on the project elements. Therefore, the "+" sign found in the element's title bar indicates that the user has read-only rights.


  • For the elements that include an interface and a source code (project, window or report for example), you have the ability to dissociate the rights granted for the interface and the rights granted for the source code.
    To dissociate these rights, click the "Modify" button.
  • All the users with no specific access rights (nominative or by a group) have the rights granted to "Everyone".
  • When sharing a project, the access rights defined by the groupware are added to the rights coming from the management of the shared project (see Share a project ).
  • Caution: Depending on the environment configuration, the options regarding the developer groupware may not be accessible. To use the developer groupware:
    1. Select "Tools .. Options .. Options of the environment".
    2. In the "Environment" tab, check:In the "Functions" tab, check:
      • "Former mode of Developer Groupware".
      • "Control Centers".
    3. Validate.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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