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Stored procedures
The developer groupware - Managing the access rights
The developer groupware enables developers to grant access rights to the different objects created in the project.
The developer groupware can be used:
  • When developing a project as part of a team (see Sharing a project).
  • When the project must be handled by several persons (programmer, interface designer, ...).
  • When some elements are shared among several projects.
  • When the developers share a dictionary (see Managing a dictionary).
Let's take a look at a common example: a developer creates a WINDEV application for sales management. The interface must be reviewed by the graphic artist. The graphic artist only needs to access the interface. To avoid any potential modification in the code, the developer will grant the modification rights on the interface of windows. The graphic artist will not be able to access the code (classes, procedures, code of controls and reports, ...).
Remark: in this chapter, user refers to the people who are allowed to handle a project or the objects found in a project.
Caution: The developer groupware is kept for backward compatibility. We recommend that you use the SCM (Source Code Manager) for teamwork.
From version 17, the management of rights is no longer available in the developer groupware.
The management of the developer groupware is based on:
  • the table of access rights. The table of access rights is a HyperFileSQL file that lists all the users who are allowed to access one or more projects.
  • an LDAP directory (Active Directory). This directory is only used to authenticate the users. The management of rights and the management of persons allowed to access one or more projects is performed in a HyperFileSQL file.
To manage the developer groupware in a project, you must:
  • identify yourself when starting WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile.
  • specify the database of Control Centers used or the LDAP directory used in the project.
When developing the project, the creator of an object (window, report, query, and so on) will have the ability to specify the rights granted to each contributor or user found in the database of Control Centers or in the LDAP directory.
Remark: The Project Monitoring Center is used to manage the different contributors of a project. These contributors will be used by the developer groupware.
Implementing the developer groupware

Configure groupware

To use the developer groupware on the different development computers, a specific configuration of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile is required.
The following operations must be performed:
  1. On the "Home" pane, in the "Environment" group, expand "Options" and select "General options of WINDEV/WEBDEV/WINDEV Mobile". In the "User" tab, click the "Parameters of Control Centers" button.
  2. Specify the location of the files found in the Control Centers. The files of Control Centers are available:
    • in HyperFileSQL Classic mode: all you have to do is specify the directory containing the data files of the Control Centers. These files are automatically created if this directory and if the files do not exist.
    • in HyperFileSQL Client/Server mode: all you have to do is specify the server, the port and the database corresponding to the data files of the Control Centers.
  3. The administrator also has the ability to configure the use of an LDAP directory to identify the users. Simply:
    • Check "Use the LDAP directory to authenticate the users".
    • Specify the path of the server, its port and its version.
    • Test the connection to the LDAP server via the "Test" button.
  4. Only the administrator can check "Forbid the connection of unregistered users".
  5. Validate
The module for managing the developer groupware is initialized. The developer can define specific rights on the objects they created. See The access rights for more details.
Remark: This operation must be performed on all the computers that use the developer groupware.
From version 17, the management of rights is no longer available in the developer groupware.


If problems occur on the LDAP server, the developer groupware uses a crippled mode: the data files used to identify the developers are the ones found in the table of access rights. In this case, the developers have no password.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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