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  • Which comments are taken into account?
  • When is the component documentation generated?
  • How to access the component documentation?
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Stored procedures
An external component must necessarily be supplied with a documentation.
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile simplify the creation of this documentation by proposing:
  • A general overview of component. This overview can be entered when generating the component.
  • An automatic generation of technical documentation from the comments inserted into the code of component elements.
Which comments are taken into account?
The following comments are automatically taken into account to create the component documentation:
  • Comments at the beginning of WLanguage procedures.
  • Comments at the beginning of the following events:
    • Initialization code of windows or pages,
    • Initialization code of reports,
    • Initialization code of classes,
    • Initialization code of sets of procedures.
When is the component documentation generated?
The documentation of the component is created the first time the component is generated ( in the quick access buttons).
When generating the documentation:
  • the comments in the code are used to create the documentation.
  • if no comment is found in your code, the accessible elements of the component will be automatically documented by specifying the input/output parameters expected by each element. The corresponding comments are automatically created in the different elements.
Remark: You have the ability to regenerate the documentation associated with the component whenever the component is regenerated ("Regenerate" button).

Caution: If you use the "Regenerate" option, the changes made to the documentation in the generation wizard will be lost.
How to access the component documentation?
The general component overview is automatically displayed in the component description window.
The technical documentation of component is available:
  • when a component is included in a project: on the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, expand "Import" and select "An External component".
  • in the description of the components included in the project.
    In the "Project explorer" pane:
    • In the "External components" folder, select the desired external component.
    • Right-click to open the context menu and select "Description".
    • In the "Details" tab, you can get the details of the generated documentation.
The documentation specific to an element of the component (window, etc.) is available:
  • either by double-clicking on this element in the Project Explorer pane or by pressing F2 in the code of this element.
  • from the "Project explorer" pane:
    • Select the "External components" folder.
    • Right-click to open the context menu.
    • Select "List of external components imported into the project".
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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