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Stored procedures
The properties of the modeling group all the options of the modeling currently edited.
These properties are grouped in three tabs:
  • General
  • Actors
  • Concepts
To display the properties of the modeling, select "Modeling description" from the popup menu of the modeling.
Details of the properties

General properties

The "General" tab contains:
  • The title of the modeling. If "Automatically insert a title block" is checked, the title of the modeling is displayed in the title block and it is automatically updated.
  • The default automation level. This is the automation level used by default when creating a new element in the modeling editor.
    You have the ability to hide the automation level of the elements in the modeling.
  • The insertion of a title block into the submodels. If this option is selected, a title block will be automatically inserted into the new submodels.
  • The distribution of links. This option allows you to specify whether links must be displayed (or not) on the border of the elements.
  • The print. This option enables you to specify the characteristics used for printing the documentation (page header and page footer).
  • The style book. This option enables you to select the style book that will be used for the modeling. This style book corresponds to the style sheet associated with the modeling. For more details, see Styles of a modeling.


The list of actors corresponds to the list of persons who can take part in the modeling currently created (as a manager, a developer or a user).
This list of actors can correspond to:
  • individuals entered in the modeling editor (click the "+" button to add an actor).
  • persons who take part in the developer groupware. These are the contributors described in the Project Management Hub. You can:
    • Import the contributors (one or all) defined in the Project Management Hub.
    • Update the list of actors with the contributors found in the Project Management Hub.
    • Update everything.


The concepts are used to highlight the important modeling elements that are re-used in several locations. When a concept is highlighted, all the elements associated with this concept are bordered by the color of the concept.
This tab is used to view and to create the different modeling concepts.
To create a new concept, click the "+" button and enter the characteristics of the concept in the table.
The "More concepts" button enables you to analyze the current modeling and to propose new concepts.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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Last update: 08/31/2023

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