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Flexible modeling editor
The flexible modeling editor allows you to easily create a "non-restricting" and "flexible" modeling, entirely included in the environment.
This flexible model allows you to describe an existing or a forthcoming project, and to get a model that "evolves" with your application.
The link with the environment allows the editor to propose choices each time it detects an interaction or a possibility of interaction.
The diagrams are organized in a hierarchical system: they go from general to details, with as many levels as necessary.
The models displayed on the screen are dynamic. For example, if a "window" icon appears in a model, a click performed on this icon will open the window in the window editor of WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile. Similarly, the data files will open the corresponding analysis, ...
Furthermore, when a window is "dropped" from the window editor to the modeling, the icon and the corresponding link are automatically created in the diagram.
How to?

Starting the flexible modeling editor

To create a new flexible modeling, perform one of the following operations:
To open an existing flexible modeling, perform one of the following operations:
  • Click in the quick access buttons and select the requested "Templates (*.wem)" file.
  • Double-click the flexible modeling found in the "Project explorer" pane displayed in the editor.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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