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Stored procedures
Properties of a help page
The characteristics of a help page are used to define:
To display the properties of a help page, select "Page properties" from the popup menu of a help page.
General tab
The general options of a help page are used to define:
  • the logical name of help page.
  • the title of the page. This title will be displayed in the summary (if the page appears in the summary). This title can be entered in the different languages supported by the help system.
  • the help number of the page: This number is used to identify the help page. This allows you to open the help on a specific page (WHelp). For more details, see Starting the help.
  • the page visibility in the table of contents:
    • if this option is checked, the page will appear at the specified position in the help summary.
    • if this option is unchecked, the page will only appear in the summary displayed in the help editor. At runtime, the page caption will not be displayed in the summary.
To simplify the management of the help numbers in your help system, see Identifier of help pages.
Index tab
The Index tab is used to:
  • associate the help page currently edited with one of the existing indexes or with a new index keyword: "Add" button.
  • delete the association between a help page and one of the index keywords: "Remove" button.
  • generate an automatic index from the content of the page ("Auto Index..." button).
Layout tab
The "Layout" tab is used to associate the current help page with a description of help window: all you have to do is select the requested description. To create a new description, click the "Definitions" button. For more details, see Defining a window template.
To create a page header, all you have to do is check "This page contains a header" and specify its height (in pixels).
The header characteristics specified in the description of the help window will be automatically applied.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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