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  • Compressing the help file
  • Copyright information
  • Information of the "About" box
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Stored procedures
Compilation options (HLP format)
Full search mode
The full search mode enables you to make the "Find" tab available in your help files.
This tab allows the user to build a database of words from the content of the help pages. This database of words can be used to search for all the help pages by using a specific word. This database of words (small or large) is stored in a file with the FTS extension.
WINDEV gives you the ability to configure the database of words that will be created. If the option "Use the full search mode" is checked, you can:
  • Include the invisible pages found in the table of contents: if this option is checked, the search will be performed on all the pages of the help system; otherwise, it will be performed on the pages found in the summary.
  • Allow the search by sentence: if this option is checked, the user will be able to enter a sentence to perform his search. Only the pages containing this sentence will be proposed.
  • Display the sentences found: if this option is checked, when searching for a sentence, this sentence will be highlighted in the pages that match the search.
  • Allow the search by similarity: if this option is checked, all the words with the same root will be selected by the search.
Remark: The selected options will be the options used by default to create the database of words. These options can be modified by the user at any time.
Compressing the help file
This option is used to compress (or not) the help file. Compressing the help file is used to optimize the amount of space occupied by the HLP file. This compression is recommended.
Copyright information
The copyright information is automatically included in the text copied from the online help.
Information of the "About" box
The information of the "About" box will be visible when the user selects "? .. Version" in the online help.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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