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  • Physical name of the help file
  • Compilation parameters
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Stored procedures
The compilation options are used to define the parameters that will be taken into account during the compilation. Different types of parameters are defined:
  • Name of the physical file to generate.
  • Compiler to use.
  • Compilation parameter corresponding to the selected compiler.
Physical name of the help file
The physical name of the help file generated by WINDEV can differ from the name given in the help editor. Indeed, for a multilingual application, different help files will be created and generated from the same WINDEV help system (WDH file).
In this case, the name of a help file can contain several elements:
  • the base name of the help file. This name was defined in the properties of the help system: on the "Modification" tab, in the "Help system" group, click "Description".
  • the identifier of the language used. This identifier can be:
    • the identifier of the language in numeric format. This identifier is also used by Nation.
    • the identifier of the language in text format (FR for French).
You also have the ability to use no specific identifier.
Compilation parameters
The compilation parameters depend on the selected compiler.
For more details, see:
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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