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  • Two-factor authentication
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Stored procedures
Creates a WEBDEV account on a WEBDEV Application Server.
wbAuthLogin is WBAdminAuth
wbAuthLogin.ServerAddress = "https://mon-serveur.interne/"
wbAuthLogin.User = "WWW\DATA"
wbAuthLogin.Password = "www"

compteWB is WBAdminAccount
compteWB.User = "USER_X"
compteWB.VirtualServer = compteWB.User

RésultatCréation is boolean = WBAdminCreateAccount(wbAuthLogin, compteWB, "MDPUSERX")
<Result> = WBAdminCreateAccount(<WEBDEV Application Server> , <Account> , <Password> [, <Existing account>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the account was created,
  • False otherwise.
<WEBDEV Application Server>: WBAdminAuth variable
Name of the WBAdminAuth variable that describes the server and the administrator account used to query the WEBDEV Application Server.
Caution: To add WEBDEV accounts, the Windows account used must be the Server administrator.
<Account>: WBAdminAccount variable
Name of the WBAdminAccount variable with the description of the account to be created.
<Password>: Character string
Password of the account to be created.
<Existing account>: Optional Integer constant
New in version 2024
Existing accounts.
  • By default, an existing account cannot be created again. In this case, <Result> is False.
  • WBAdminOverwriteIfAlreadyExists constant: Makes it possible to create an existing account again.
New in version 2024

Two-factor authentication

You can enable two-factor authentication for an account through the Remote WEBDEV administrator. Two-factor authentication requires a unique code to verify the user's identity. This code can be received by email or via an Authenticator app.
When you use WEBDEV Application Server functions, you may encounter authentication errors if the account uses two-factor authentication. Two cases must be taken into account:
  • the function returns a boolean and <Result> is False. To check whether the error concerns authentication, it is necessary to check the value of Variable ErrorOccurred and the value returned by the ErrorInfo function.
  • the function does not return a boolean. To determine if the error is due to the authentication process, the following conditions must be met:
To fix this error:
  • Create a window/page where users can enter their verification code.
  • If an error occurs due to two-factor authentication:
    • Open the verification code input window.
    • Users automatically receive the authentication code according to the method chosen in the Remote WEBDEV administrator. They can then enter the code in the window or page.
    • Assign the code to the OneTimePassword property of the WBAdminAuth variable.
    • Run the function again.
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd290com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 28
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Last update: 05/24/2024

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