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App Tracking Transparency enables users to authorize an iOS app to track their activity on third-party mobile apps and websites for advertising or data sharing purposes.
In iOS 14.5, applications must request permissions from the users before tracking their activity.
"Activity tracking" occurs when data that identifies the user or the user's device is combined with similar data from other applications (or websites) for advertising purposes (targeted advertising or ad campaigns) or when the information collected is shared with data brokers.
If the user authorizes activity tracking, it will be possible to track or access the device's IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers). The application will be able to show personalized ads on other applications or websites. If the user opts out, ad targeting will be reduced.
How to manage App Tracking Transparency?
WINDEV Mobile allows you to:
  • open the window for requesting activity tracking authorization.
    This window can be customized like any other authorization request, by specifying a custom message to be displayed in the "Permissions" step of the iOS app generation wizard. Simply enter a specific text for the "Tracking Usage Description" permission.
  • check if activity tracking has been authorized.
  • get the advertising identifier. This identifier uniquely identifies the device used.
WINDEV Mobile includes the following functions to manage App Tracking Transparency:
AppleAdvertisingIdentifierReturns the device's advertising identifier (iOS only).
AppleRequestTrackingAuthorizationAsynchronousDisplays the permission request for user activity tracking.
AppleTrackingAuthorizationStatusDetermines if the app has been allowed to track activity based on user data (iOS only).
Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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Last update: 01/26/2023

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