• Properties specific to the description of sysNotificationButton variables
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Stored procedures
sysNotificationButton (Type of variable)
In french: sysNotificationBouton
The sysNotificationButton type is used to define all the advanced characteristics of Button control in an interactive notification. The characteristics of this Button control can be defined and changed using different WLanguage properties.
The sysNotificationButton type is used by sysNotification variables.
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.
// Create a notification with a button of each type.
notif is sysNotification
notif.Title = "Many buttons"
notif.Text1 = "Download now to get the latest features."
notif.Note = "UPD_notif"
//normal button
notif.Buttons[1].Caption = "Normal"
notif.Buttons[1].Note = "btn_normal"
//button in the context menu of the notification
notif.Buttons[2].Caption = "Context"
notif.Buttons[2].Note = "btn_context"
notif.Buttons[2].Type = sysNotifContextButton
//button with a wait animation
notif.Buttons[3].Caption = "Wait"
notif.Buttons[3].Note = "btn_wait"
notif.Buttons[3].PendingUpdate = True
//reminder button
notif.Buttons[4].Caption = "Reminder"
notif.Buttons[4].Type = sysNotifReminderButton
//closing system button
notif.Buttons[5].Caption = "Close"
notif.Buttons[5].Type = sysNotifCloseButton

Properties specific to the description of sysNotificationButton variables

The following properties can be used to handle a button in a notification:
Property nameType usedEffect
ActionGlobal procedure onlyName of the global procedure to be executed when the user clicks the button.
If the procedure is not specified or cannot be found, the "Receive a notification" optional project event is executed.
CaptionCharacter stringButton caption.
ImagePathCharacter stringAbsolute path of an image on disk that can be added to the content of the button, next to the text.
NoteCharacter stringInformation to be sent to the application when the user clicks the button.
  • True to display a wait animation on the button when the user clicks on it, while preventing the notification from closing until a new notification with the same ID is sent.
  • False (default value) to set no wait animations on the button. The notification closes when the button is clicked.
TypeInteger constantSpecific behavior or positioning of the button:
  • sysNotifContextButton : Button to be added to the context menu of the notification.
  • sysNotifCloseButton : System button that automatically closes the notification.
  • sysNotifStandardButton (default value): Simple button.
  • sysNotifReminderButton : "Remind later" system button.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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