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10. Smart controls
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Smart controls are an innovative concept for creating UIs. A Smart control is a ready-to-use control (or group of controls) that includes a "business logic" WLanguage code where necessary.
Smart controls allow implementing advanced functionalities in WINDEV applications with one click.
WINDEV includes several Smart controls: Twitter, Instagram, Signature, Countdown, Date range selection, Menu with drawers, Workflow, Cookie consent, Process monitoring, etc.
To integrate a Smart control into your interfaces:
  1. On the "Creation" tab, in the "Smart & Favorites" group, click "Smart controls".
  2. Select the desired control in the window that appears:
    Smart controls
    You can:
    • Browse through the different types of controls,
    • Enter keywords in the search box.
    Remark: The "Go" button that appears when hovering over the Smart controls lets you test the control before integrating it into your window.
  3. Select the desired control, drag it and drop it onto the window editor.
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Last update: 12/18/2023

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