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New WINDEV 28 feature!
  • In this lesson you will learn the following concepts
  • Overview
  • Practical example
Lesson 7.1. Overview
In this lesson you will learn the following concepts
  • Overview.
  • How to open a training example?
  • How to open a unit example?
Lesson duration

Estimated time: 5 mn
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This part presents several advanced features. You don't necessarily have to read it but it will allow you to discover some advanced features available in WINDEV.
The different lessons in this part are based on examples provided with WINDEV.
WINDEV offers different types of examples:
  • complete examples: these examples correspond to a full application that uses one or more features.
  • training examples: these examples correspond to a small application used to discover a feature.
  • unit examples: these examples correspond to a window that allows you to quickly test the use of a function.

Practical example

To simplify the presentation of different features, we will use unit or training examples provided with WINDEV.
  • To open a complete, training or unit example from the WINDEV home page:
    1. Go to the home page (Ctrl + <).
    2. On the home page, click "Open an example". The list of complete, training and unit examples provided with WINDEV is displayed. These examples are grouped by type of example (complete, training, etc.).
    3. You can enter a keyword in the search area (e.g., "Errors"). Only the examples containing this word are listed.
      Examples in the home page
      The icons to the right of the example name indicate the platform for which the example has been created.
      Remark: The buttons to the right of the search area allow you to filter the examples according to the desired platform(s).
    4. To open an example, double-click the example name.
    5. For the complete and training examples, the current project is automatically closed and the example project is opened.
    6. For the unit examples, the associated window is opened in the current project.
Remark: If you modify a full or training example, the next time you open it, WINDEV will automatically ask you which version of the example you want to work on:
  • your modified version. In this case, you will find all your changes.
  • the original version of the example. In this case, the modified version is deleted and you get all the features of the original example.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 28
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