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2. Deploying a static site or a PHP site
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When developing a static site or a PHP site, one of the important phases consists in deploying this site on a Web server (at a hosting company or on an Intranet).
Two deployment methods are available:
  • remote deployment (via FTP): recommended when the server is not directly accessible.
  • deployment by network: recommended when the server is directly accessible.
WDDeploy is used to simplify the deployment of your static sites.
Remark: To deploy a dynamic site, see Deploying a dynamic site (Session or AWP) in practice.
Creating the setup
To deploy your static site:
  1. On the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, click "Deploy site". WDDeploy starts.
  2. Create the profile corresponding to your site. This profile contains the following information:
    • Location of local files ("<ProjectName>_WEB" subdirectory of your site).
    • Address of WEBDEV site.
    • Location of files of deployed site (network or FTP server).
    • Characteristics of FTP server used to update the site. These characteristics are supplied by the hosting company, ...
  3. Click the "Prepare" button. WDDeploy prepares the list of files to install. For an update, WDDeploy compares the files found on the development computer and the files already installed.
  4. Click the "Synchronize" button. The files of your site are copied to the location specified in the profile.
For more details, see the online help.
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