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9. Overlaying controls
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To get special effects (transparency or depth), your controls can be overlaid.
Each control has an "Overlay and move" option ("UI" tab in the control description window).
If the option "The control can be overlaid" is selected, the control will no longer be linked to the page positioning tables. The control can be moved and placed "over" any other control on the page.
Caution: The control with the option "The control can be overlaid" will be displayed above the other controls. If this option is enabled on multiple controls, the order in which they are overlaid can be defined via the "Bring forward", "Send backward", "Bring to front" and "Send to back" options in the "Modification" tab.
For example, to display a Static control over an Image control, the Static control must be made overlayable and be positioned over the Image control.
In the editor
Overlay option
In the browser
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