• Control - item binding
  • Control - variable binding
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Stored procedures
8. Associating controls with data
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A page can display information from:
  • a database: controls are directly bound to the items in the data files or queries available in the database
  • variables in the application's code (variables global to the page or to the project or parameters passed to the page).
To display this information in a page, the controls of the page must be bound to:
  • the different items in the database.
  • the available WLanguage variables.
There are multiple methods to display and update values from a data source:
  • The binding between a control and an item or variable can be defined in the page editor, in the control description ("Binding" tab).
  • PageToFile updates the record or variable with the data in the page.
  • FileToPage updates the data displayed in the page with either the information saved in the data file or variable.
Control - item binding
Control - variable binding
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