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  • This lesson will teach you the following concepts
  • Overview
  • Deployment
Lesson 6.4. Distributing the application
This lesson will teach you the following concepts
  • Available distribution modes.

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Creating and generating a Universal Windows project is not available in Express version.

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WINDEV Mobile allows you to develop applications for the Universal Windows 10 operating system.
Once the applications are created, developed and checked, all you have to do is deploy them.
An application in tile mode can be deployed:
  • On the local computer directly. The procedure was presented in the previous chapters.
  • On a phone connected in USB or on a network phone, via the wizard for generating a Universal Windows 10 application.
  • On a tablet. In this case, specific operations must be performed.
    To find out the different steps, see How to install a Universal Windows 10 App application on a tablet.
    If you own a tablet, we have the ability to perform this setup.
  • Via Windows Store. This method is the standard distribution mode of an application in tile mode. The wizard for generating a Universal Windows 10 application allows you to generate the application for a deployment via Windows store.
The deployment via Windows Store requires several steps:
  • The local certification while respecting the certification criteria: A Universal Windows 10 application must be validated by Microsoft before it can be deployed on Windows Store. Microsoft proposes a tool for automatic application check, allowing you to validate your applications on the development computer. Your application must pass this local certification before it is published on the store.
  • The creation of a Microsoft developer account: A Microsoft developer account is required to submit an application.
  • The submission for the deployment on the store: An application can be dropped on the store from the dashboard of your developer account. A wizard helps you enter the necessary information. To finalize the deployment, the application undergoes several manual tests used to get the certification of the application. The report status of certification will be emailed to you. If no problem occurs, the application becomes available on the store.
See Deploying on the store for more details about the deployment procedures.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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