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The tutorial is over now!
This course covered a range of topics, but not all of WINDEV features, far from it!
You are now familiar with the main concepts.
Also explore the examples supplied with WINDEV: some are simple and only address one topic, while others are more complex. These examples will show you the different aspects of WINDEV. Reading the source code is also a good way to learn.
It would take too much time to discuss all available topics (there are hundreds, even thousands!). WINDEV proposes several other features not presented in this tutorial:
  • HTTP and telephony functions
  • creation of skin templates...
  • nested reports, queries with parameters...
  • dynamic compilation, calls to DLL, external languages...
See the online help for more details.
We wish you a great development experience with WINDEV 24!
Previous LessonTable of contents
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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