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Stored procedures
19. Upload: Sending files to the server
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Uploading consists in sending one or more files from the user's computer to the server.
A simple example: Create a contact in a directory.
The user wants to associate a photo with the contact form. This photo is stored on the hard disk of the computer.
The UPLOAD control allows the user to select the image via a "Select a file" button.
When the form is validated, the selected image file is sent to the server and copied to the hard disk of the server (UploadCopyFile). Then, the image will be displayed in the contact form.
Caution: The appearance of the "Select a file" button (shape, color or text) is defined by the browser and cannot usually be customized.
Remark: WEBDEV also includes an upload Smart control. This control supports progress bars, multiple file selection, etc.
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Last update: 08/25/2023

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