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8. If you are already familiar with WINDEV
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Let's see the main differences between WEBDEV and WINDEV:
  • WEBDEV is used to create pages while WINDEV is used to create windows.
  • In WEBDEV, different types of code can be typed: a WLanguage code run on the server, a WLanguage code run on the browser and a Javascript code run on the browser.
    When creating a PHP page, an additional code is displayed: a PHP code run on the server.
  • New WLanguage functions specific to the Web are available.
  • Some WLanguage functions not relevant for the Web do not exist anymore.
  • Some WLanguage functions can only be used in an executable process in server code.
  • Some WLanguage functions can only be used in an executable process in browser code.
  • New types of controls specifically designed for Web applications are available:
    • Formatted display control
    • Java Applet control
    • Sliding Banner control
    • Navigation Bar control
    • Captcha control
    • Cell control
    • Breadcrumb control
    • Web Component control
    • Flash control, Flex control
    • Clickable Image control (Map Area)
    • IFrame control
    • Link control
    • Line control
    • Internal Page control
    • Peeling Corner control
    • Site Map control
    • Popup control
    • Pager control
    • Social Network control
    • SilverLight control
    • HTML Table control
    • Upload control
    • Thumbnail control
    • Text Area control
  • Some types of controls without purpose on Internet are not available anymore: Scrollbar, ActiveX, OLE Object, Spin, etc.
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