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2. Static or dynamic site
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Several types of sites can be created:
  • static sites,
  • dynamic sites.
The table below presents the differences between these types of sites:
Static siteDynamic site
The content of the pages is fixed, it is defined only once.
A static site cannot interact with data.
The data displayed in the pages changes. In most cases, the pages are used to:
  • perform processes and/or calculations by programming.
  • display data stored in a database.
  • display images and interactive text.
WEBDEV offers several types of dynamic sites:
  • WEBDEV site in Session mode.
  • WEBDEV site in AWP mode.
  • PHP site.
Static WEBDEV site: the WEBDEV Application Server is not required.Dynamic WEBDEV site: the WEBDEV Application Server or the PHP language is required.

Remark: A dynamic site can contain a static section (presentation of the company, etc.).
WEBDEV allows you to create:
  • static pages,
  • dynamic pages.
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Last update: 10/27/2022

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