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1. Examples provided with WINDEV Mobile
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The examples provided with WINDEV Mobile are designed to help you discover its features. Their source code is clear and includes comments.
These examples can be opened directly from the WINDEV Mobile home window:
  • If the example is not installed on the computer, it will be automatically downloaded (from a PC SOFT server) and opened.
  • If the example is installed on the computer, a copy is automatically created in "My projects\My examples".
The open example corresponds to the copy of the original example. This allows you to work or make changes to this copy. The original example can be kept unchanged. Every time you open the example (via the "Open an example" option), you can work on the copy or on the original version.
Below are some features of the examples provided with WINDEV Mobile.
Android examples
Android ChromebookThis example shows the compatibility of WINDEV Mobile applications for Android with Chromebooks.

Android DownloadsThis example illustrates background downloads in WINDEV Mobile and Android.
It is no longer necessary to keep the application open to propose the download of a file. The download manager allows you to download large files and to notify the application when the downloads are finished.
Android ExplorerThis example is a file explorer for Android.
It allows you to list, delete, rename files and directories on an Android device. It also allows you to create directories.
Android Generated ReportsThis example shows how to use the option "Generate the print script", which is available on Android reports.

The report editor allows generating the WLanguage iPrint commands corresponding to the static report that has been created.
Once this code has been generated, you can modify it to make it dynamic.
Android GPSThis example presents the use of the GPS functions of WLanguage in an Android application.
It is used to retrieve at regular interval:
- The latitude
- The longitude
- The altitude
- The speed
- The direction

Android InventoryThis application is used to perform inventories and to save the results in a database.

Android Persistent NotificationsThis example is used to create persistent notifications that appear even if the application is not used anymore.
A persistent thread run when the starting device is used to send the notifications.  

Android Speech SynthesisThis educational example explains how to manage the recognition and the speech synthesis Android.
The speech synthesis is performed by using either the WLanguage functions, or an external JAR file included in the WINDEV Mobile project.

Android Zebra MXAndroid Zebra MX

This example allows you to access and modify the system settings of ZEBRA devices.

- Applications (Install / Uninstall / etc.)
- Sleep
- OS (Update / Restart / Cleanup / etc.)
- Wi-Fi manager
- Clock
- and more.
Android Zebra PrintThis example shows how to use the internal component "PrintConnectAPI", intended for printing with Zebra printers.

Android Zebra RFIDThis example allows you to manipulate RFID readers in Zebra devices
Android Zebra ScanThis example shows how to use the internal component "ScannerDataWedge", designed for scanning bar codes with Zebra devices running on Android.
Android ZIPThis example is used to browse the folder of the Android device while searching for ZIP archives.
The archives can be browsed and extracted into a directory of the device.
The folders and the files found in the archive can be extracted individually.
iPhone/iPad examples
iOS WatchTraining example explaining how to establish a dialog between an Apple Watch application and an iPhone application.

Cross-platform examples (Android and iOS)
WM AttendanceThis application is an attendance manager. It allows you to list the persons who attended a meeting.
The database is filled beforehand with the list of registered persons.
You have the ability to find a person by using his/her name.
The following topics are presented in this example:
1/ using a browsing looper based on a query
2/ using a database in HFSQL format.  

WM Bluetooth 4This example explains how to use the Bluetooth Low Energy functions (Bluetooth LE): BTLExxx.

It is an application allowing you to find the nearby BTLE devices, to connect to them and to interact with the proposed services.  
WM ChartThis example presents different ways to use a chart control.
The following charts are presented:
- Donut
- Pie
- Line
- Column
- Area
- Radar

The main functionalities are the customization of charts by programming as well as the ability to fill a chart from an HFSQL data file or in the editor.
WM Click on ChartThe "WM Click on Chart" example proposes a solution for pulling out the sections of a Pie chart via a simple click.
This example includes a control template named "TPLC_PullOutChart". This control template is used to pull out the chart sections via a simple click.
To include this feature in another application, all you have to do is import the "TPLC_PullOutChart" template.  

WM CRMWM CRM is a multi-platform project for Android and iOS.
It explains how to develop a CRM application intended to the Android and iPad tablets.  

WM Discover MVPThis example shows the implementation of an MVP (Model View Presenter) architecture in a project. This example has been simplified to better explain the concepts of this architecture.
WM Expense AccountThis example allows you to manage your fees.

Let's see the main features of this application:
- The input of invoices
- Management of foreign currencies
- Inclusion of photo document for the invoices
- Ability to email the expense account
- Ability to track the expense accounts
- ...
WM FoodThe WM Food example explains how to interact with the OpenFoodFacts database from a WINDEV Mobile application via the webservice proposed by this database.

WM FTP ClientThis example is an FTP Client for Android and iOS.
It explains how to interact with an FTP server via the FTP functions of WLanguage.
It is used to:
- Rename files
- Delete files
- Create folders
- Download files
- Send files to the server  

WM Gallery ControlThis example shows how to use the "Image Gallery" control.

WM GeolocationThis example explains how to perform proximity searches with geolocation :
- search around me
- search in a city, at a given address, or close to a specific address.
The results are displayed in a looper and in a map with markers.

WM HTML DialogThis example explains how to dialog with an HTML control.
It is using the WLanguage "ExecuteJS" function and the Javascript "WL.Execute" function.
WM KanbanThis example illustrates how to use, save and load a Kanban control
WM LoanThis application was developed in one day, thanks to the power of WINDEV Mobile and the ease-of-use of WLanguage.
This example allows you to simulate loans and:
- calculate the amount of monthly payments based on the amount borrowed,
- calculate the amount that can be borrowed based on a given monthly payment,
- calculate the income of an investment based on a monthly payment.
For each case, you can view the amortization table corresponding to your parameters.

WM Managing ContactsThis example presents the management of contacts for Android et iOS.
It is used o:
- list the contacts found on the phone
- call the contacts
- send SMSs to the contacts
- ...

WM Managing OrdersThe WM Managing Orders example is a simplified management of orders and invoices.
This example is used to:
- create/modify/delete a product,
- create/modify/delete a customer,
- contact a customer by email,
- see the history of the actions performed for a customer
- place an order, print an order form,
- invoice an order, print an invoice.

WM NotesThis example is using the drawing functions of WLanguage for Android and iOS.
It allows you to draw graphic "notes" and to save them.  

WM Organizer ControlThis example shows how to use the Organizer control on Android and iOS.
WM PasswordWeb sites, bank accounts, ... passwords are everywhere in out life. With WM Password, no need to store all the passwords of your different accounts. The application stores all your passwords in a secure way. WM Password can also generate secure passwords for you.
WM PhotosThis Android/iOS example is used to take photos and to save them by specifying a title and keywords.
A search is also available.
The photos are stored in the application directory, therefore they are private (not visible by other applications).

WM PokerExample of game developed with WINDEV Mobile
This example is a poker game for Android, iOS and Universal Windows 10 App smartphones powered by WINDEV Mobile.
WM PollThis example is used to manage and view polls.

It is a multi-platform example for iOS and Android.
The iOS generation and the Android generation use the same code and the same windows.

Features of the example:
The section that operates on the phone (iPhone or Android phone) is used to save the answers to the polls.
The section that operates on a tablet (iPad or Android tablet) is used to manage the polls: create and delete polls, modify polls (the questions and the answers) and to view the answer statistics.

The results are stored in a HFSQL database

WM PopupThis example shows how to use popups and asynchronous popups for Android and iOS with WINDEV Mobile
WM QuizzThis application allows you to check your knowledge about the PC SOFT products.
This project explains how to generate an application for different platforms from the same code.
(contains a configuration for Android, iOS and Universal Windows Application)
WM ReportsThis example shows how to use reports in WINDEV Mobile.
WM RSS ReaderThis example is a reader of RSS stream for the Android and iOS devices. This application allows you to follow the features of your favorite streams. This reader supports the images containing a post as well as the links toward an external site. Furthermore, it also included a system for managing the favorites.  

WM ShoppingWM Shopping allows you to manage several purchase lists.
To add a product:
- Scan the bar code to add it directly
- or find a product that was added beforehand and add it!
- or add a product from your purchase history!
Then, you will have the ability to edit the quantity, the image... and to add notes as reminders!
WM SportsThis example is a sport application used to save your performances.
The application calculates the distance, the time, the average speed and the number of calories spent according to the sport.
The run is displayed on a map control via markers and an itinerary.

The example also includes a server part used to synchronize the user data.
This webservice is available in the WEBDEV "WW_Sports" example.
WM StocksThis application is used to perform stocktaking and to save the results in a database.
The example is used to create entries/exits in the stock, by directly scanning the bar code of products.
It is optimized to be run on tablets.

WM SystemThis application is an example of some of the features of WINDEV Mobile available for Android/iOS.
The following system functions are used:
- Multimedia control
- Brightness
- Volume
- Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth
- Toast
- Compass
- Accelerometer
- Camera control
- Vibration
- Notifications
- Drawing functions
- Internet

WM Tic Tac ToeWM Tic Tac Toe
This example is a version of the famous "Tic Tac Toe" game.

Summary of the example supplied with WINDEV Mobile:  

This example allows you to play "Tic Tac Toe" on an Android device, on an iOS device or on a device compatible with Universal Windows 10 App.

The purpose of this game is straightforward: align 3 pawns before your opponent does
WM ToDo ListThis example is a manager of To-Do Lists.
The project is using the gestures in the loopers in order to move and delete the lists and tasks.
The data is stored in a HFSQL database.  

UWP examples
UWA NotesThis example is an application for managing notes in Universal Windows 10 App format.  

UWA OrdersThis training example presents, via a management of orders, the proper use of GUI when developing Universal Windows Platform Apps applications.
UWA Password"Universal Windows 10 App" application used to manage passwords.

UWA StopwatchThis example explains how to create a stopwatch for a mobile device with WINDEV Mobile.
In this example, a timer is used to display the hands of the stopwatch and to display the time passed on a regular basis.    

You can find additional examples on our website (
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