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  • Using the "ActiveSync" user account
  • Using a specific user account
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9. Managing emails (CEMAPI)
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CEMAPI is an API for email management used by most of the applications for Mobile Device (Pocket PC) to send and receive emails (Pocket Outlook in most cases).
CEMAPI simplifies the management of emails received by the hosting company. When an email is read, it is automatically loaded in the local message box and deleted from the server (at the hosting company).
All the characteristics required to manage the emails (POP3 protocol, SMTP protocol, remote access, etc.) are grouped in the "User Profile".
With the email functions of WLanguage, a WINDEV application can directly handle the emails managed in an application that is using "CEMAPI".
Using the "ActiveSync" user account
A user account defined in Pocket Outlook is required to manage the emails via CEMAPI. By default, Pocket Outlook manages the "ActiveSync" user account.
Using a specific user account
To use another user account, you must define one.
If the Mobile Device (Pocket PC) has no direct link to Internet, a synchronization with the PC is required to send and receive the emails.
If the Pocket PC has a direct access to Internet (by Wi-Fi, ...), no synchronization with a PC is required.
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