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  • ActiveSync (or the manager for Windows Mobile devices)
  • Universal replication
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Stored procedures
12. Synchronizing data
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WINDEV Mobile allows you to synchronize the records used by several applications.
The two applications manage the same data independently of each other. During the synchronization, the modifications performed in the database used by the PC are automatically applied to the mobile device (and conversely).
This synchronization is automatically performed by:
  • ActiveSync when the Mobile Device (Pocket PC) is connected to the Windows PC (Windows Mobile only). From Windows Vista, "ActiveSync" was replaced by the "Manager for Windows Mobile devices".
  • the Universal Replication when the mobile device is connected (or not) to the Windows PC.
ActiveSync (or the manager for Windows Mobile devices)
ActiveSync allows you to update the databases of same format used both by a WINDEV application and a WINDEV Mobile application
Synchronization via ActiveSync
Universal replication
The universal replication is used to update databases (with the same or different formats) used by several applications. You can for example perform a synchronization between a HFSQL Mobile database and an Oracle Lite database.
Universal replication uses a centralized model: all databases are synchronized with a master database. Then, the master database applies the modifications to the other databases.
Universal replication
The synchronization can be adapted to special cases. For example, you can retrieve the records related to a specified product or the records created at a given date, manage conflicts, display a configuration window, ...
These adaptations must be done by programming with HRplFilterProcedure.
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