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Stored procedures
12. Managing tasks
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The Project Management Hub allows the project contributors to manage their task schedule. These tasks can be linked to certain requirements and correspond to multiple projects.
Once the project tasks have been defined, you can follow their progress in the Project Management Hub. The time spent on a task is calculated automatically, it does not require any specific action and does not generate any particular constraints.
When the relevant project is opened, the Project Management Hub requests or indicates the current task. As soon as a task is completed, simply indicate that the task is finished and specify the new task.
A task can be linked to a project element (window, report, etc.). When the element is opened, the time spent on it is counted and saved in the Project Management Hub. Conversely, the element that corresponds to the desired task can be automatically opened from the task list.
Each developer can also see their own task list in the "Project Management Hub" pane in the editor.
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Last update: 09/18/2023

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