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Stored procedures
11. Control templates
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WINDEV Mobile allows you to create control templates. A control template is a set of controls that can be re-used in several windows.
The modifications performed in a control template are automatically applied to all windows that use this template.
A control template is used to:
  • group a set of controls for a specific purpose.
  • make the controls independent of the window that is hosting them.
View of a control template.
The template is bordered by an orange line in the editor.
Template used in a window.
The elements belonging to the template are bordered by a blue line and identified by a yellow square.

A control template can be created:
  • via the icon in the quick access buttons. In the window for creating a new element, click "Window" then "Control template".
  • from the controls in the window (select the controls and right-click, in the context menu that appears, select "Refactoring .. Create a control template from the selection").
To create a window based on a control template, create a "Control template" control.
The characteristics of the elements can be dissociated from the template. For example, dissociate the position of a control from the template to move the control elsewhere while keeping other changes (code, style, etc.). This is referred to as control inheritance. In this case, the elements are identified by a blue square.
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