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6. Layouts
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Anchors are used to easily change the orientation of a Mobile application or adapt an application from a phone to a tablet.
However, in some cases, the interface must be entirely modified: the position of the controls must be different.
Layouts are used to define several views of a window in the same project without duplicating the window. This allows you to define:
  • a specific view for portrait mode,
  • a specific view for landscape mode,
  • a phone-specific view,
  • a tablet-specific view, etc.
To create a layout, on the "Window" tab, in the "Layouts" group, expand "Layouts" and select "Add layouts". The layout creation wizard appears and helps you create the necessary number of layouts. Once the layouts have been created, you can change the position of the controls on one or more layouts in order to get the desired interface.
At runtime, the initial layout is automatically selected according to the platform, the orientation and the size of the screen. The layout changes automatically when the device goes from portrait mode to landscape mode, for example.
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