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  • Overview
  • Principle of telemetry
  • Implementing the telemetry
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Stored procedures
WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile propose advanced statistics about the use of your WINDEV, ANDROID, iPhone/iPad and UWP applications via the telemetry.
It shows you a report of the deployed applications, so you can improve them. For more details, see Main features of telemetry.
Principle of telemetry
If a WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile application includes the telemetry, data is regularly sent to a Web server when the application is used by the end user. This data corresponds to the different measures performed.
The developer can connect to the Web server to see the application statistics. This connection is performed via a Webservice.
The following elements are installed on the Web server:
  • An HFSQL Client/Server server (to be installed first).
  • A specific WEBDEV application server: the reserved WEBDEV application server.
Implementing the telemetry
The steps for implementing the telemetry are as follows:
  1. Installing the telemetry server (the same Web server can be used for several applications proposing the telemetry).
  2. Configuring the telemetry in the WINDEV/WINDEV Mobile application.
  3. Viewing the data aggregated by the telemetry.
Caution: The telemetry does not operate with the non-transparent proxies.
Minimum version required
  • Version 21
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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