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  • Describing an Organizer control
  • Deleting an appointment from the Organizer control
  • Customizing the appointment area
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Description of an Organizer control (control of a page)
Describing an Organizer control
The Organizer control can be configured in the editor via the description window ("Details" tab).
The available options are as follows:
  • Display mode: By default, the Organizer control displays a week, but it can also display a day or a month.
  • Parameters of the organizer:
    • "First day": First day displayed in the Organizer control
    • "Number of days": Number of days displayed in the Organizer control for a week.
    • Date display mask: Used to define the format of the date displayed at the top of the "day" columns of the Organizer control.
      You also have the ability to indicate whether the week number must be displayed or not, as well as its format. In the format, the '%1' string corresponds to the week number. Example of format: "Wk. %1".
    • Time slot:
      • "Visible time slot": Time period that will be displayed in the control.
      • "Working time slot": Time period for which an appointment can be defined.
    • Characteristics of the appointment:
      • "Overlap": Used to define how the overlap is managed. The appointments can be displayed side by side or they can be shifted.
      • "Granularity of an appointment": Display granularity of the Organizer control. By default, the granularity is set to 30 minutes. The granularity unit is:
        • the minute,
        • the hour,
        • the day.
        You can define:
        • the granularity regarding the move of an appointment. If the granularity for the move is set to 30 minutes, the appointments can be moved by period of 30 minutes.
        • the granularity of appointment duration. If the granularity for the duration is set to 10 minutes, the duration of an appointment will be a multiple of 10.
      • "Display the title of appointments": Used to display or hide the title of an appointment in an Organizer control.
    • Other parameters:
      • "Allow creation of appointments": Allows the user to select a period with the mouse to create a new appointment. If this option is selected, finger scroll is disabled on touch screens.
      • "Allow direct input of an appointment": Allows the user to directly enter an appointment in the Organizer control.
      • "Display and allow the appointments for the entire day": Used to specify that an appointment can correspond to a whole day. In this case, a specific area is displayed at the top of the Organizer control. This area is used to enter the daily appointments.
  • Edit with the mouse:
    • "Modifying the duration". You can allow (or not) the user to modify the appointment duration.
    • "Move". You can allow (or not) the user to move an appointment.
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Deleting an appointment from the Organizer control

By default, when selecting an appointment, the Organizer control displays a cross at the top right of appointment:
This cross is used to delete the selected appointment.
Remark: For Organizer controls linked to a data source (file, variable, ...), deleting an appointment is forbidden by default (the cross is not displayed). To allow the deletion of appointments:
  1. Display the description of the Organizer control ("Description" in the context menu).
  2. In the "Content" tab, check the option "Allow the deletion (also deletes in the data source)".
  3. Validate.

Customizing the appointment area

In the Organizer control, the appointment is displayed in a specific area. You have the ability to translate and customize this area: color of title, background color of the appointment, ...
To modify the aspect of the appointments proposed by default, you have the ability to modify the style options defined for this element.
  1. Open the Scheduler control description window.
  2. In the "Style" tab, select the "Appointment (xxx)" elements and modify the desired characteristics.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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