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Stored procedures
The audits provide a set of features used to automatically improve the project quality and performances, and to follow the conditions in which it is implemented.
Three audit features are available:
  • The static audit.
  • The dynamic audit.
  • The infrastructure audit.
These three types of audit must be used together in order to benefit from all their capacities.
Static audit
The static audit performs a detailed analysis of a project and elements.
This audit is performed from the project editor.
Its operating mode is described in the help page: Static audit.
Dynamic audit
The dynamic audit analyzes the behavior of a project during its execution.
This audit can be performed in test mode or in the production environment.
Its operating mode is described in the help page: Dynamic audit.
Infrastructure audit
The infrastructure audit analyzes one or more applications in their production environment.
It is mainly used to detect the problems that can occur when running the stress tests of servers for example.
The tool dedicated to the infrastructure audit is called SIS (Software Infrastructure Supervisor).
Its operating mode is described in the help page: Overview of SIS.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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