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The column title is an important element of a Table control. Indeed, the title of columns is used to perform operations regarding the appearance (ability to include images) as well as the features (filter, search).
This help page presents the available features:
Column title

Multiline column title

The column title is displayed on several lines by default.
To configure the management mode of column tile (singleline or multiline) :
  1. Display the description window of Table control ("Table description" in the context menu).
  2. In the "Details" tab, check or uncheck "Force title in a singleline (8)".
  3. Validate.
  • The title of columns supports the RTF format and the graphic functions (gXXX functions).
  • In the window editor, the height of column titles can be modified with the mouse.
  • The title of the columns can be modified programmatically with the Title and Caption properties.
  • The height of the column titles can be modified programmatically with the TitleHeight property.

Column title-header

You have the ability to define a title-header of columns. A title-header of columns is an additional title displayed above the title of one or more columns.
To define a column title-header:
  1. Open the "Details" tab in the Table control description window ("Description" in the context menu).
  2. Click "Edit column title-headers".
  3. The different table columns are displayed in the window that is opened.
    In this window, you can:
    • 1: Add title-headers ("+" button) or delete title-headers ("-" button).
    • 2: Resize and merge the different cells of title-headers by hovering the separators.
    • 3: Rename the cells of title-headers by clicking them.
  4. Validate.
  • The title-headers of columns can be created through programming with TableAddTitleHeader.
  • The Merge property is used to merge:
    • the cells of a Table control.
    • the titles of columns.
  • If the title-headers of columns are enabled, the modification of the caption of columns via the description window of the column is ignored: the caption must be modified in the edit window of title-headers of columns.
Icons displayed in the columns

Displaying the sort icon

In a sortable column, the sort icon is displayed when the user clicks the column. The sort icon indicates the sort direction of the column.
You also have the ability to permanently display a sort icon in the column. In this case, when the column is not sorted, an icon indicates to the user that a sort can be performed on this column.
To display the sort icon:
  1. Go to the "Style" tab in the Table control description window ("Description" in the popup menu).
  2. Select the "Border of column title" element.
  3. Select "Display sort icon".
Selection bar
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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