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Stored procedures
Handling a chart in the editor
In the editor, a Chart control includes different sections:
  • the title of the chart.
    This area appears only if a title was defined for the chart.
    To define the title, regardless of the editor, select the "Edit the title of the chart" option in the "Details" tab.
  • the legend of the chart.
    This area only appears if a legend was defined for the chart.
    To define a legend, regardless of the editor, select "Edit the legend of the chart" in the "Details" tab.
  • the chart.
Each part can be configured separately.
How to proceed?
The three areas of a Chart control can be handled separately. Each area can be positioned manually: all you have to do is select the requested area with the mouse and modify the location of this area.
For example:
By double-clicking on each field, the description of that field is displayed directly.. Therefore, to display the description of the legend, all you have to do is double click the legend in the editor.
Remark: The positioning defined for the title and for the legend can be automatic or manual. As soon as the corresponding area is modified or moved with the mouse, its positioning becomes manual. To restore the initial positioning, all you have to do is select an automatic positioning for the area.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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