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Clickable control in a report
The report editor allows you to propose clickable controls in the report viewer.
When printing an invoice, the user wants to see all the details about the selected customer or all the characteristics of the products ordered? Nothing's easier, all you have to do is modify the click code of the control to perform the requested operation.
In the report viewer, the clickable areas can be easily identified by the symbol. Furthermore, these areas are colored in yellow when they are hovered by the mouse cursor.
A report lists the customers by zip code. The user wants to display the customer form by clicking his name. The customer form already exists in the project, it must be linked to the click performed on the Name control in the report.
To open the window directly from the report viewer:
  1. Open the report in the report editor.
  2. Select the control to click and display the different events available ( "Code" option in the context menu).
  3. Write the following code in the event "Click xxx":
    Open(WIN_CustomerForm, "Modif", MySource.CustomerID)

    This code is used to:
    • open the "WIN_CustomerForm" window in modification mode
    • pass the identifier of the customer in parameter to the window (this identifier is found in the embedded query). The MySource keyword allows managing the source of the report.
Caution: If a query is associated with the report, the query is automatically closed at the end of the report execution. The items of this query are no longer accessible.
Form displayed from a report with clickable control
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Last update: 06/21/2022

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