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Main characteristics of a List Box control
The main characteristics of a List Box control are as follows:
Selection mode
The "UI" tab in the List Box control description window allows you to define the selection mode in the control.
The available selection modes are as follows:
  • Single selection: The selection bar is displayed on the selected row. The row selection code is executed.
  • AndroidiPhone/iPad Android/iOS selection mode (hide the bar after the selection): This option hides the selection bar after the selection. This allows you to get the standard operating mode on these platforms: the bar appears only when the row is clicked. Then, the row selection code is executed.
  • Multi-selection: The selection bar is displayed on the selected rows. To select several rows, hold the Shift or Ctrl key down. The row selection code is executed each time a row is selected.
The options to move through the List Box control can be defined in the "Details" tab of the control description window. You can define:
  • WINDEVUniversal Windows 10 AppiPhone/iPad The display mode of the horizontal/vertical scrollbar. It can be:
    • automatic: the scrollbar will be displayed when necessary.
    • always visible: the scrollbar will always be displayed.
    • never visible: the scrollbar will never be displayed.
  • The scrolling mode:
    • WINDEVUniversal Windows 10 AppiPhone/iPad Per-pixel scrolling: rows can be displayed partially according to the scrollbar position.
    • WINDEViPhone/iPad Touch scrolling: used to handle the scrollbar in a touch screen.
    • Android Fast scrolling: you can scroll through the control with a specific scrollbar on the right edge of the control.
      If the "With alphabetical indexing" option is selected, an alphabetical scrollbar will appear to allow users to jump to the element that starts with the desired letter.
      Use conditions:
      • Fast scrolling is only available for List Box controls populated programmatically or with in-memory data source.
      • Fast scrolling is available for List Box controls sorted alphabetically.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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