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  • Slider control overview
  • Window control
  • Creating a Slider control
  • Creating a Slider control
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  • Modifying the value of the slider at runtime with the mouse wheel
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  • Characteristics of the Slider control
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Slider control overview

Window control

A slider control is used to select a value between two bounds. Its operating mode is similar to the operating mode of a scrollbar. The current value is identified by a cursor that the user moves with the mouse (or with the mouse wheel).
Visual marks can be displayed. The cursor does not snap to these marks: the cursor of the slider is moved unit by unit. You can create:
  • standard sliders
    Standard slider
  • WINDEV round sliders
    Round Slider
Creating a Slider control

Creating a Slider control

To create a Slider control:
  1. On the "Creation" tab, in the "Graphic controls" group:
    • WindowsLinux expand "Slider" and select the type of slider to create:
    • Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidiPhone/iPadIOS WidgetMac Catalyst click "Slider".
  2. Click at the desired location to create the control. The control appears in the editor.
To view the characteristics of the control, select "Description" in the context menu.
WEBDEV - Server code Remark: WEBDEV also proposes a Slider control. For more details, see Slider control in Web.

Modifying the value of the slider at runtime with the mouse wheel

The user can modify the value of the slider with the mouse wheel: the cursor will move according to the step (the marks) defined for the slider.


WINDEV can convert a standard Slider control into a Round Slider and vice versa:
  1. Select the control to transform.
  2. On the "Modification" tab, in the "Transformations" group, expand "Refactoring and swapping" and select "Slider/Round slider".
AndroidiPhone/iPadIOS WidgetMac Catalyst

Characteristics of the Slider control

  • The slider cursor is necessarily an image.
  • You can use a native slider ("Native slider" option in the "Details" tab of the control description window). In this case:
    • the slider will automatically adapt to the system style. The graphic options defined for the Slider control (mark, cursor image, ...) will be ignored. The properties used to manage images associated with the control will be ignored.
    • the slider cannot be oriented vertically. Only horizontal sliders are supported.
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