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WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile give you the ability to use clickable images. A clickable image is an image (displayed in an Image control) that can be clicked by the user. A specific process (click code of the image) is run.
Unlike a button, no pressed effect is seen when a clickable image is clicked.
Using a clickable image
To use a clickable image in an application:
  1. On the "Creation" tab, in the "Usual controls" group, click "Image".
  2. Open the control description ("Description" in the context menu of the image).
  3. In the "Details" tab, use the click settings:
    • The "This image is a clickable area" option makes the image clickable. The "Click" event is automatically added to the WLanguage events associated with the control.
    • Specify whether the image will be handled by the user. For more details, see Context menu of Image controls.
Android Click areas and multi-touch
If the image is considered as being a click area, you can:
  • manage the first touch on the image (default operating mode in the earlier versions). If several pointers (fingers) are used on the image, the different corresponding processes (pressed/left button down, click, etc.) are called only when the first pointer is used.
  • manage multi-touch on the image ("Recall processes for each pointer (multiple pointers)"): If several pointers (fingers) are used on the image, the different corresponding processes/events (pressed/left button down, click, etc.) are called on each additional pointer used.
For more details, see Multi-touch support.
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  • Version 9
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